The Art of Watercolor Painting Master techniques for creating stunning works of art in watercolor

Learn to paint breathtaking landscapes and seascapes with these five talented artists in The Art of Watercolor Painting. The variety and array of subject matter, including five step-by- step demonstration paintings by Ronald Pratt, will excite watercolor painters of all levels. Each artist, with their different styles and techniques, will expand your knowledge and skill level to allow you explore the wonderful world of watercolor painting. 144 pages

The Art of Painting Sea Life in Watercolor Master techniques for painting spectacular sea animals in watercolor

Learn to paint the spectacular world of Sea Life as these four talented artists show you the tools and techniques you will need to create these favorite sea life projects. Packed with beautiful artwork and expert instruction, including five step-by- step demonstration paintings by Ronald Pratt, this book will open up the wonderful world of painting sea life to painters of all levels. 144 pages

Seasons Discover techniques for painting spring, summer, autumn, and winter - step by step

Learn to paint breathtaking spring, summer, autumn and winter scenes with Watercolor: Seasons. From sunny spring days to snowy cold mornings, this book explores numerous techniques to create mood, use of color and convey different times of day. Featuring the beautiful work of Ronald Pratt, this book showcases each of the four seasons through a variety of subjects and landscapes with easy step-by- step projects. Follow along with the engaging and inspirational lessons and you’ll be master of painting seasons in no time! 32 pages