Creating Mood in your Watercolor Painting

For this project we are going to work on creating mood in your watercolor paintings. It is not enough to just be able to replicate something in your paintings. In this day and age with the advancements in copying tools available to everyone artists needs to go beyond mere replication and say something with their paintings. In other words, "what is your point", "what are you trying to say". One of the key elements with which you can do this is by creating a certain mood in your work. Happy, sad, gloomy, sunny, rainy, stormy, bright, contemplative, focused, windy, etc, the list is endless.

Pick a subject and paint it several different ways with diverse moods to the same scene. Chose a least two totally different moods (if not more) to capture the same subject. Your moods are your expressions and this is what we will look at during critiques of this project. Keep reminding yourself "what am I trying to say"!!!!

Have fun with it!